PH Freiburg - ILIAS Extern

Terms of Service

Users must accept the following user agreement before accessing the ILIAS-VLE (Virtual Learning Environment).

Users are registered with a personal PH-account and will receive personal passwords and user names which may not be used by third parties. Upon registration or when changes are made to your PH-account, your full name and current university e-mail address will be copied from the identity management system, along with the user name of your PH-account (ends in ‘fr’). If you are a student, your matriculation number will also be copied. On exmatriculation, this personal data will be deleted. On deactivation of the account, all links to existing content established during the period of usage will be anonymised.

Users of the ILIAS VLE have access via username and password via the PH-Intranet or Internet to a system which delivers content from various sources (teaching staff, library, university), and which also accepts content from learners (coursework, contributions to groups/forums). This content can be made available to teaching staff, other students or users of the VLE.

On joining a course or group, your user name, your full names and the names of teaching staff, tutors and course/group administrators will be visible, as well as the user names of other students in the same course/group, depending on the custom settings. Each user can further customize settings to include (and/or make accessible to other users) optional personal information within the system.

Teaching staff, tutors and course administrators who are responsible for your courses and groups can access and view content (e.g. any work submitted) in the forums and other communication channels used within ILIAS (e.g. Wiki). Users’ log file-data is also visible to the above. Your online status has been made visible to other course/group members so as to facilitate collaborative learning and working.

The use of the ILIAS–VLE and it content is exclusively for your personal use for purposes of study, teaching and research. By registering with the ILIAS-VLE, all users agree to respect all terms and conditions of usage in respect to copyright, trademark and property rights of all information and content included on the ILIAS-VLE.